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Trustworthy Contractors Since 1959

Looking for a competent contractor?

Join the Home Owners Club® and you'll gain access to nearly 200 carefully screened contractors who can help with virtually any upkeep, repair or remodeling need.

One call to the Club is all it takes to find contractors who'll perform quality work at competitive rates — whether it's a small repair job, ongoing maintenance, a major project or an unexpected emergency. Guaranteed.

  • For smaller jobs, the Club will promptly dispatch a qualified contractor to provide the service you need.
  • For major projects — such as painting, remodeling, the installation of a new roof or flooring — the Club can send multiple contractors, if requested, to bid on the work.
  • A Club Field Inspector can meet with you to provide advice and help evaluate bids at no additional charge.
  • For emergency repairs, call the Club 24/7 for immediate assistance.
  • The Club can also schedule contractors to handle routine maintenance tasks on a regular basis, such as window washings, pest-control, gutter-cleaning and more.

Unlike other contractor referral services, HOC is a membership organization for homeowners. The contractors the Club dispatches are not employed by HOC, and they don't pay for listings or referrals. They're independent businesses that have proven time and again they can provide the service and workmanship Club members demand.

Home Owners Club, Referral  Contractor, Seattle, WA

While there are other contractor referral services, almost none of them have been in business as long as the Club — or successfully completed as many projects. Since 1959, Seattle-area homeowners have trusted the Home Owners Club for quality home improvements at fair prices. More than 60 years later, Better Business Bureau records still show no unresolved complaints (and give the Club an A+ rating).

If you're looking for a convenient way to care for your home, do what more than 20,000 other homeowners have done: Become a member of the Home Owners Club.

Membership in the Club costs just $60 per year. Additional residential or commercial properties you own may be included for $10 each. Membership for condominium associations is $80 per year (with individual unit owners within the association eligible to then join for only $10 each).